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NewsAce Pro : RSS News Stand

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[***ANNOUNCEMENT***]We have been having issues with our NewsAce server. The problems are mainly with the login process and also, users are not able to receive news feed at the moment. We are currently working to fix this issue and we will give out further notice once it has been fixed.
NewsAce is a Multimedia News Reader that allows you to subscribe to and check up on all kinds of news formats including video, podcast, and radio all in one place.
** Benefits over NewsAce Free version**1. No ads2. You can set more than 12 news subscriptions on the front Newsstand (The free version is limited to 12 subscriptions per section)3. NewsAce Widget: view your article feeds as a widget4. You can set an 'Auto Download Schedule' for the feeds which you most frequently visit5. You can send images in article view via 'Share Images'
• Beautiful Newsstand UI: Beautiful and intuitive newsstand UI makes it easy for you to select news channels.
• The latest update allows you to annotate articles. Now you can highlight important passages or doodle on an image and share it! (For owners of Samsung devices running Android 4.0+)
• One stop news reader: You can check all types of news feeds in one place, NewsAce. o RSS News: All your news content displayed in one place o Video News: Directly play videos embedded in your news page o Podcast News: Radio and podcasts can be played within NewsAce
• News feed recommendation: 400+ renowned News channels are categorized and provided in the recommended section. • News feed search : Any news can be searched and subscribed to in NewsAce (powered by Google reader)• Gestures based Navigation: By swiping left or right, you can easily switch from NewsAce’s recommended news to your Google Reader selections and vice versa.• Integration with Google Reader: Customize your news selection by dragging and dropping your RSS feeds from the console• Additional Features: View it later(offline sync), Share, Starred features• (Samsung Galaxy Note II feature) By hovering on news thumbnail, you can see auto scrolled news preview.
400+ recommended news channels including CNN, Movieclips (movie trailers), The New York Times, ESPN, Engadget, Boingboing, The Big Picture, 5min, Best Radio Podcast, College Humor, YouTube and Twitter.
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